This uniquely designed series of trainings, a virtual training together with face-to-face sessions to improve and enhance skills and provide necessary tools to strengthen a results- based management and adaptive management approach to accelerate organisational, team and individual performance.

Business Strategy

Management with a broader overview, not forgetting the bigger picture.

Customer Service Excellence

Raise your standards and ultimately win new businesses whilst retaining the current base.

Change Management

Change is never easy. Learn the art of effectively managing change. Get the tools and techniques to change structure, re-deployment, and redundancy and build a new and winning team.

Communication Skills

Every movement, verbal or non-verbal tells a story. How to communicate is essential in everyday life. But how to make it effective is what we offer in our training.

Competing in Foreign Markets

The quest for competitive advantage in foreign markets, strategic alliances and joint ventures with foreign partners, and blue ocean strategy are addressed.

Corporate Etiquettes

Learn the hidden values and priceless potential of images, etiquette and protocol that make a difference in business.

Coaching - Master coach

This programme is aimed at enhancing your skills, transforming you to a master coach, out of you.

Coaching - Coaching for Managers

Equip managers with core skills to deliver a coaching approach as a key component of their leadership strategy.

Coaching - Grow your coach

Effective companies have an in-house coach. Equip your company with a coach who will help managers build better relationships; manage challenges through continuous guided learning.

Coaching - Coaching and Mentoring

`One on one` coaching and mentoring programme available for individuals who might want to climb the ladder to the next highest position or to be assisted to solve a tricky problem.


This training will be a novel experience to many participants since it touches the psychological part of managing self and understanding the rest for business success through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which will add immense value to emotional intelligence. POWERED BY NLP: MANAGING THE NECESSARY EVIL

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

The training is ideal for all non-financial personnel who need a better understanding of the financial aspects of the business in order to undertake responsibilities.

HR for Non-HR Professionals

This training provides crucial information to create a positive workforce and a productive work environment.

HR for New HR Practitioners

Every HR professional needs to understand how his/her role impacts the performance and productivity of the company. And we make it possible.

Key Account Management

Become skilled at strategically managing key accounts and turning a partnership into a preferred sales relationship.

Logistics for Non-Logistics professionals

Having a better understanding of logistics and acquiring the basic knowledge, improving skills in this field is a distinct advantage to stay on top.


The Mater Class – Inspiring Leaders.
We believe, only a few are born leaders, and others are made. Our leadership programme is to inspire you to become the best leader, who has all the tools, skills and competencies for others to look up to.

Managing Business Operations

The training is built around the need to develop and enhance knowledge in such areas as identifying the operations sub-system and understanding the links to key areas of business, inventory management, capacity planning and constraints within an operational situation.


Driven by personal motivation, employees increase the ability to connect, get things done and take pride in their accomplishments and thus improving personal performance which increases organisation productivity.

Negotiation Strategies

This training programme offers hands-on training, covering all aspects of successful negotiation.

Personality Development

Personality development training results in an on-going personal development strategy where attention is paid to the awareness and shifting of your limited mind-set.

Presentation Skills

Make that professional impression the first time and every time.

Project Management

This training is designed to provide you with the technical and scientific skills necessary to manage a project. Learn to manage the inevitable risks that come with all projects.

Retail Management

In this retail training, we have tailor-made our various soft skills training programs and training material to suit the retail industry. Participants will leave with a better understanding of an integrated approach to planning, acquisition, flow and distribution from raw materials to finished products.

Risk Management

Risk management is important in an organisation because without it, a firm cannot possibly define its objectives for the future and achieve its targets. We at results training provide risk management training on various subject matters from financial risk management to general risk management in organization. We do this by carrying out a need analysis and then designing a program that suits your specific needs.

Team Building

Our team building focuses on teamwork and team management. This training programme also enables project teams, product development teams, virtual teams, and autonomous work teams to perform at high levels and quickly adapt to escalating demands. There is equal emphasis placed on outbound and `inbound, focusing on experiential learning with adventure.

Team Building ++ (BRAND)

Team building as a standalone is not going to assure your team to be energetic, relevant, accountable and transparent. We at Results Training take team building to the next level. After this training, your team will become the most envied and sought. Take your BRAND to the next level with us, and we will take you through a process, where all agree to Be Relevant, Authentic, Named and Distinguished. Support your BRAND with the protocols.

Train the Trainer

Training adults require specific facilitation skills with exceptional presentation skills. We build the confidence of trainers and support them to facilitate a training, stimulating and motivating people.

Telephone Etiquettes

This interactive training will equip your employees with the tools and information they need to represent your organisation and effectively communicate with your business clients.

Sales Trainings - Consultative Selling

You will learn to think, act, react and anticipate in all conceivable sales situations. With this acquired knowledge and skills, you will be able to create a situation where everyone wins; the customer, your company and yourself.

Sales Trainings - Professional Selling

You will learn to refine your commercial skills when dealing with prospects, customer relations, whether in the office or on the road. It does not matter where you are; it’s the result that counts.

Sales Trainings - Sales Effectiveness

The sales effectiveness training will help you to become better and smarter in time management, making sure that the customers who deserve most gets the right level of attention.

Sales Trainings - Sales for Non-Sales Professionals

This is ideal for experts and professionals who are moving into a role that involves selling and those who need to understand the sales process, selling skills and behaviour.