Major Prasanna D. Liyange
MBA (Aus), Dip in HRM (IPM- SL), Dip in Psychology (IPS- SL), Dip in Counselling (IPS-SL), Dip in Change Mgmt (USA), Dip in Civil Admin (USA). Counsellor - MIPC, CMCIPM, CPSCM. Certified HR Auditor/ Security Auditor.

With a career embedded with local and foreign professional training experiences spanning over a period of over two and half decades, Major Prasanna Liyanage has expertise and been instrumental in changing most importantly the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and finally the behaviour of target audiences. Having experienced and participated in many ‘Train the Trainer” programmes and having understudied well known trainers in Sri Lanka and overseas Major Liyanage brings a unique training experience into the participants of training programs. Major Liyanage currently works as a General Manager -Human Resources and Administration and also as an HR Consultant. He had also served in the SL Army for 13 years where he had been injured twice due to terrorist attacks.

He had also served 4 and half years as a Group Assistant Manager – HR at George Steuarts Group, and 01 year as the Head of HR at The Finance PLC, and 5 and half years as a Consultant and as a Head of HR in the security Industry. He is a professional in the Human Resources Management, Psychological Operations, Counselling, Change Management, as well as in the field of Training and Development. He had completed his military training in Diyathalawa Military Academy and completed his defense degree in Bangladesh Military Academy, affiliated to the University of Chitthagong. He is also a qualified Paratrooper / Rigger / Marksman and had completed his Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare training in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Major Liyanage had completed covert operations courses at the John F. Kennedy Warfare Centre and School in North Carolina – USA, and he had obtained his Master of Business Administration qualification from the Edith Cowen University - Australia. His professionalism, experience and versatility also add extra value to the training programs. His training and facilitation experience include participants from overseas including America, England, Turky, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Brazil. Major Liyanage is also an expert in preventing drug abuse amongst employees / school students, and also facilitate one on one discussions, personal Counselling, focus group discussions. He is also an expert in enabling employees to find permanent solution to cure work stress disabilities and disorders which can hamper the positive performance and interpersonal/corporate relationships of employees.